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Since september 12th 2005 my callsign has changed to ON3JT. The new callsign gives me HF access with 10 watts output power (QRP mode :-)) but no access to 10m, just like the foundation license in the UK.
So I have to change the whole site to adjust my callsign, this will take some time.

Here is a small piece of the conversation of the spacestation ISS with students in the United Kingdom. I used a Kenwood TM-G707 with a homemade J-antenne. The antenna is located indoors, but I could hear the spacestation.
Click here to listen to the ISS (or Right Click to download).

Normally I would have to write here some text to please and welcome the visitors to this site.
I'll keep this small and let you do the surfing.
Just made this site to share my thoughts and ideas to the wonderfull world of ham radio.

I've made some projects available online. They are not too difficult to rebuild them. See the pictures. Most of the pictures are thumbnails, clicking on them opens a new window with the full sized image.
At the moment the projects cover a Magnetic Loop, a PMR446 yagi antenna, a VLF loop antenna and some theory of creating APRS maps online. Recently I made a script to track search engines and put it on the site.

Sometimes you might be seeing me when I am in the shack and the webcam is online. Stay tuned.. (currently offline, problems with the webcam computer)

Enjoy yourself and maybe we meet each other on the frequency...
73's Joost, ON3JT

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05-11-09 Added a MP3 file of the spacestation ISS on this page
05-10-20 Added a new link in the link page.
05-07-04 Created a page with the listening report of the vlf station SAQ in Grimeton
05-06-20 Put a blog page online, it is still in beta phase, but seems to be working.
05-04-19 Rewritten the page with the script to track search engine spiders - robots.
05-04-11 Put a new page online with a php script to track search engine spiders - robots. If a search engine crawls your site, you will be notified by email.
05-04-03 Added the Links page and also a page with some brief info on DHO38, a German VLF transmitter
05-03-31 The website went offline on easter sunday due to the crash of the harddisk at the hosting company. And because of the easter holidays it was impossible to solve the problem in short notice. Today I saw that the site wen back online, but it was the one I made before february (retrieved from the wrong backup).
In a few weeks my site will be moved from the Paris (France) based server to a brand new server in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The uptime should be better.
05-03-12 Added the AWG conversation Table page
05-02-26 Reorganised the project pages a bit and added a new page. See in the Tools section
05-02-19 Added the VLF Loop Antenna page
05-02-03 Put the site with the new layout online
05-02-01 Created a new layout for the site
05-01-18 Added the link to www.javaplanet.be on the fun page
05-01-09 Put the PMR446 6 element yagi page online
05-01-05 Made a newsletter in PHP, you can now subscribe to it. You'll get a confirmation email with a link in it. Click on it if you really want to receive the newsletter. Unsubscribing via the received newsletter
04-12-19 Added a link in the Fun page
Corrected a small typo in the contactform
04-12-18 Added the Fun page
Added the About Me page, at last :-)
04-12-12 Put the pictures from the Magnetic Loop in a table
Changed the font from the processed contactform
04-12-11 Added the Contactform
04-12-04 Added the Sitemap